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Custom design and fabrication services

Why Turn to Hamilton Machine for Custom Fabrication and Design?

Technological changes, new opportunities, and changes in the market might require a company to create new, custom machinery or fixtures and enclosures, and so on. Much of that machine design work is too complex for the average business owner. Custom design and fabrication services exist to fill the need for custom design, consultation, custom machining, and more. If you are reaching the point where you need to modify a key piece of machinery or create something that’s 100% custom,

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Do You Need Specialty Welding Services? Hamilton Machine’s Got You Covered

Many welding jobs require more than the standard TIG or MIG experience and equipment that most any fabrication shop could offer. When a job is complicated or involves working on unusual alloys and exotic metals, you want to call in specialists. Not every welder has the training and gear to handle nickel alloys, titanium, or aluminum. Complex work on-site on pipes, furnaces, heat exchangers, furnaces, and more calls for specialized training and experience too. Furthermore, not

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Why Hire a Full-Service Welding Shop?

You may be wondering if your welding or fabrication job really calls for the services of a professional welder. Your alternatives are shops that handle basic welding work along with other fabrication or repair jobs. The other alternative might be a self-employed welder or even a repair person with a portable welder. Any of those three options might be okay for many jobs. However, professional welder services bring a high level of training and expertise to any job. They will

Types of Welding Services for Industrial Fabrication (1)

Types of Welding Services for Industrial Fabrication

The basic idea of joining one metal to another using a third material to fuse the two is easy to understand. This is an introduction to the various welding techniques and technologies used by a machine shop for industrial fabrication. Pipes, scaffolding, safety cages, and other metalwork call for different processes. The right process and technology to use also depend on the nature of the metals, whether the work is indoors or outdoors, and the shape of

Cnc Machine Shop

Tips for Choosing the Right CNC Machine Shop

If you need parts machined for any reason, it might be tempting to go with the first shop that provides a decent quote. Even if you are in a hurry and cost is not critical, this can be a bad approach. However, you probably have time to weigh some options, get prices, and choose. In other words, don’t just type “CNC machine shop near me” into a browser and glance at a few of the top

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6S Manufacturing – What Is It & How Does It Benefit a Machine Shop?

A safe and efficient workplace should be a priority for every manufacturer. How you achieve those two objectives while staying in the black is a topic that has filled numerous books and training seminars. Many of those lessons will mention having a system in place to streamline your work. The 6S manufacturing system is a good example of a system almost any manufacturer or machine shops can establish and use as part of operations and


4 Reasons to Find a Full-Service Machine Shop in Lebanon, TN

If you operate a factory, construction company, warehouse, or retail business, our full-service machine shop in Lebanon, TN offers almost any fabrication and repair service you’ll need to keep your equipment running smoothly. Odds are, if you operate commercial or industrial equipment, you will eventually need some equipment or trailer repair work done, perhaps on-site, and will end up searching for a CNC machine shop near you. There are many benefits to working with a full-service

Benefits of Mobile Welding

This Is What a Mobile Welding Service Can Do for Your Business

A mobile welding service is the perfect addition to a conventional machine shop because customers get a wider range of services in one place. You don’t have to vet and hire a second company for those jobs that simply must be done on your site, from repairing damaged vehicles to installing new metal rails and stairs. If you have been looking for “quality machine shop near me”, you can visit our machine shop in Lebanon, TN, or Nashville.    Mobile

Industrial Machine Repair

5 Signs It’s Time for Industrial Machine Repair

Downtime costs money, and the more important the machine, the more important it is to keep it running smoothly. Avoiding the need for machine repair is sometimes a matter of knowing what’s normal and what isn’t. These variations indicate that a big problem could be developing. Here are five signs you might need to hire an industrial machine repair service very soon: 1 – Excessive Vibration Almost any machine with moving parts will produce some vibration when it operates. The key