Facility Maintenance

Full & Partial Facility Maintenance Services

Don’t let maintenance work and minor repair work slide for lack of staff time. With over 50 years of experience in fabrication, repair, and design work, Hamilton Machine Company has the experience and the people to carry out almost any maintenance and repair work for commercial and industrial facilities. Hamilton Machine can take over all of your facility maintenance work or supplement your maintenance department if you just need some extra hands. Get in touch so we can discuss your company’s needs and our maintenance solutions. 

Facility Maintenance

What Qualifies as Facility Maintenance?

Don’t neglect preventative facility maintenance and don’t trust large and complex tasks to firms that lack experience with your type of operation. Hamilton Machine Company has done repair, installation, and maintenance work in a wide range of commercial, retail, and industrial spaces over many years. If you need to supplement your maintenance department or don’t have one, Hamilton has the staff and experience it takes to step in. 

Among other things we do, Hamilton Machine helps business owners implement the 6S maintenance process. For those not in the know, the 6S stands for Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardization, Sustain, Safety. This is a lean management tool or system designed to allow for higher productivity and safety in just about any manufacturing operation. Preventative maintenance is part of 6S. Contact us to find out how a Hamilton Machine implementation of 6S can help your business thrive. 

Our trained and experienced team has helped with maintenance and repair work in heavy industry, light industry, and more. In addition to safety and efficiency work, we can take care of installation or repair work on fixtures like: 

  • Catwalks & Crossovers
  • Safety Cages
  • Hand Railing
  • Toe Guards and Machine Guards
  • Tanks Hoppers and Bins
  • Conveyors
  • Bollards

Need maintenance solutions? We do equipment maintenance and repair work including machine alignment, machine installation, machine tear down/removal, and we work on material handling equipment. 

If you need to outsource some of your facility or equipment maintenance work, know that Hamilton Machine has decades of experience working with clients in construction, heavy manufacturing, light industry, and more.  

Types of Facilities We Serve

If you need regular maintenance work or light repair work done on industrial or commercial equipment, hydraulic or pneumatic equipment, or assembly lines, Hamilton Machine Company can handle it. We have facility maintenance experience with:

Manufacturing – Hamilton Machine Company has the right experience to take on factories (first aid supplies to construction equipment, light manufacturing and heavy manufacturing), warehouses and loading docks. 

Repair Shops – We have experience dealing with large machine shops and repair shops for vehicles or large commercial or industrial equipment. We can keep your machinery running smoothly. We can easily take care of minor repair work to hoppers, bins, toe guards, handrails, and safety cages. 

Large Commercial Spaces – Industrial spaces aren’t the limit of our facilities maintenance capacity. We can also work in warehouses, warehouse clubs, indoor flea markets, sports arenas, and so on.

We have mobile welding crews and offer 24/7 emergency service. If something happens after hours, Hamilton Machine can take care of it thanks to our certified welders with their fully equipped trucks. If there’s no emergency, we can also remove a piece of equipment or a part to rework it at one of our machine shops in Lebanon or Nashville, TN. 

Get Facility Maintenance You Can Trust

Any commercial, light industrial or heavy industry firm needs facility maintenance work eventually. If you need to outsource some or all of that work, Hamilton Machine Company is ready to be your new maintenance department. We have experienced people who have done facilities maintenance and repair work in a variety of industries for clients with various needs. Contact us today to see how our maintenance solutions can meet your needs.