Hydraulic Repair Service in Nashville & Lebanon, TN

Many of the most important industrial and commercial machinery relies on hydraulic systems. When those parts break or leak, a key piece of machinery goes out of action until you can get a qualified technician to come in and fix the problem. At Hamilton Machine Company, our hydraulic repair service is provided by experienced technicians. Whether you bring your equipment to our machine shop or call on our mobile service, we will be able to get that important equipment back in action. If you need to get a hydraulic rebuild near me, we can help. 

When Do You Need Hydraulic Repair Service?

With regular inspection and maintenance work, you may never need major hydraulic work. You can reduce your risk by being on alert for the obvious – a hydraulic fluid leak – but also erratic performance, slow response, increased temperature, or unusual noises. Visible damage to a hose can be a sign of impending failure as well. If these signs of imminent failure appear, call Hamilton Machine Company when you need a hydraulic repair service in Middle Tennessee.  

Hydraulic Repair Services

We offer a wide range of repair, fabrication, and machining services that are relevant to any hydraulic systems in your factory, in construction machinery, and so on. Our machine shop can work on: 

    • Pins
    • Straightening Parts
    • Welding
    • Shafts
    • Bearing Fits
    • Gland & Seal Replacement
    • Bushings
    • Thread Repair

Sometimes a hydraulic system or part fails for an obvious reason. Sometimes failure analysis is the only way to determine what broke and how it broke. We can diagnose these difficult issues and devise a fix. Sometimes your pump or other system will need to be rebuilt and not simply fixed up. 

Contact Hamilton Machine Company if you work near Nashville or Lebanon and need a hydraulic rebuild near me. We can take your equipment to our Lebanon or Nashville location for a rebuild. There, we can disassemble the part or parts, identify wear and failure points or other obvious signs of damage. Once the scale of the problem is clear, we can begin to mill, cut, or machine parts to put the equipment back in service. We then reassemble the item and test it, to be sure it works as designed. We can also work on broken or damaged hydraulic equipment at your jobsite or factory thanks to our mobile welding trucks. 

Don’t worry about quality or durability if you need a rebuild. Our machine shop will inspect your equipment before returning it and test it so it works like new, or possibly better than new. Your rebuilt hydraulic system will provide quality, dependable

Repair vs. Rebuild

Once hydraulics fail or show signs of failing, your options involve rebuilding the item or repairing it. Repair is almost always the best first step to remedy the problem. Our machine shop technicians can assess the hydraulics and decide if repair or rebuilding is in order. 

Repair work is almost always going to be faster and much cheaper than a rebuild. However, rebuilding can be a cost-effective alternative to replacing an expensive pump or other system. If rebuilding is an option, we have the skill staff and the tools it takes to rebuild any hydraulic system or part to near-new condition. 

Get a Quote for Hydraulic Repair Service Today

Leaks, performance problems, and unusual noises indicate a hydraulic system is on the verge of failing or breaking down. The experts at a machine shop can diagnose the problem, fix or replace the part, and get the key piece of industrial equipment back in action. Can I arrange for a hydraulic rebuild near me? Yes, if you live within driving distance from Lebanon or Nashville. We also provide 24/7 emergency service. If you need hydraulic repair service, please contact us