Industrial Trucks

Urgent Industrial Truck Repair for Minimal Downtime

If a forklift, dump truck, or transporter breaks down it can put a major wrinkle in the company’s operations. You need to call in expert help to get your construction work back on track. At Hamilton Machine Company our welders and fabricators can come to you for industrial truck repair, trailer repair, and truck maintenance. Because the business world never stops, we also offer 24/7 emergency service for urgent repair work.  

Industrial Truck Repair

Industrial Truck Repair Services from Hamilton Machine

Our fabrication and welding experts can handle a wide variety of repair and emergency maintenance tasks. Forklifts are one of our specialties, but we also repair hydraulic systems, frames, gates, lifts, gates, and more. If it can be fixed by drilling, machining, or welding we have the equipment and expertise it takes to get your industrial truck back in service. 

Here are some of the forklift, truck, and construction equipment repair jobs we do:

  • Straighten Forks
  • Shorten Forklift Masts
  • Repair Safety Cages
  • Replace Hoses
  • Fix Brake Rotors
  • Repair Forklift Carriage and Backrests
  • Repair Fork Bars
  • Resurface Flywheels
  • Remove Bolts

Whenever you need emergency repair or urgent trailer or truck maintenance, you can call on Hamilton Machine. We offer 24/7 emergency service. While you can bring a truck, forklift, or trailer to our Nashville or Lebanon locations for industrial truck repair work, we also offer mobile trailer and truck maintenance and truck repair. If the job calls for welding or brazing, we have certified welders with fully equipped repair trucks who can visit your facility or worksite for repairs, fabrication, or regular maintenance

How to Choose the Best Industrial Truck Maintenance Provider

We know how serious it can be when industrial and commercial machinery fails. This is why Hamilton Machine Company works hard to provide fast, courteous, and professional service whenever we are needed. 

We are a family-owned business that’s been around since 1957. From a little welding shop, we’ve grown to a machining, welding, and fabrication shop serving the Nashville area. We even expanded to a facility in Lebanon to serve more customers more conveniently. Our certified welders are trained and experienced in a wide range of repair and fabrication jobs. You can call on us for work in any common metal or alloy, plus plastic. We do small jobs, and we also do big welding and fabrication jobs, such as new metal stairs, rails, and landings. 

If you need a custom part or want to create a prototype of your invention, we have design and engineering services. Hamilton Machine Company offers a host of machine, welding, and fabrication services so we can support your business in numerous ways beyond doing on-site repair and maintenance work. Our two locations put us in easy reach of anyone in the Nashville metro area. 

Trust Hamilton Machine with Your Industrial Truck Repair

If you need emergency repair to a damaged part or a shortened mast, we can do that. We can tackle any truck maintenance and trailer repair job that calls for welding, brazing, drilling, or machining. We can send a certified welder to your facility or construction site with a well-equipped service truck. We also have extensive commercial/industrial truck repair and fabrication capabilities at our two machine shops. If you need industrial truck repair or emergency maintenance work, please get in touch with us.