Machine Design & Engineering

Meticulous Machine Design & Engineering Services

Sometimes you need or want a custom product or part that’s based on your own design, or you want help with creating a working design. Hamilton Machine Company can help with machine design work and more. With our welding and fabrication capabilities we can also create a prototype and consult on the engineering work to take you from idea to finished prototype. Check out our engineering support and other services if you need to design a product or create a prototype from a drawing. 

Machine Design & Engineering

Common Machine Design & Engineering Projects

Our technical team can assist at various parts of the engineering design process, from reviewing blueprints to creating a prototype. If you have drawings or an image, we can turn that into a blueprint or program software to create a prototype using our software and hardware. In short, Hamilton Machine Company has the skilled staff and the equipment to assist companies in these machine design tasks:

  • Detailed 3D Models and Drawings
  • Working from Sketches, Diagrams, Physical Examples
  • Prototype Development and Fabrication
  • Process Automation
  • Fixturing
  • Control Panel Design and Fabrication
  • Machine Upgrading and Retrofitting

Our machining services are the perfect complement to our engineering and design work. We can create a prototype from the material of your choice. 
We work in steel, aluminum, and many alloys, as well as plastic. If you need a particular metal, alloy, or non-metallic part or parts, contact us to discuss your project. We are willing to sign a nondisclosure agreement to protect your business strategy and intellectual property as well. 

Our Machine Design Process

Machine design is always a multi-step process where engineering expertise is always important. Hamilton Machine Company has a professional engineer on staff who can help you tackle your design project from planning through materials selection and prototyping. 

In addition to design and prototyping work, our team can help you create a new or improved machine, control panel, or process. Some process improvements in manufacturing come down to an improved machine design or a process that can be streamlined with a modified piece of equipment. We can help you take the features of a machine and modify them to create something new that fits your company’s exact needs.

If nothing exists that fully meets a business need, we work with the business owner to create or refine a new design. We can also help you take an existing design and modify it to produce something new, and better. If you have a part and want to create something like it with some modification, we can do that. If you have questions about designing a modified version of the part or parts, consulting with a professional engineer is a good way to ensure your product works as intended. 

You don’t necessarily need professional diagrams or blueprints to use our services. We can start with your own design drawings or with an example of what you want to create. Bring us a design created in Adobe Illustrator, SolidWorks, AutoCAD or a file in a popular image format. We can create a prototype from that. If we need to create a blueprint from your hand drawn illustrations that is no problem. 

Speak with a Machine Design & Engineering Expert Today

Our engineering and machine design services can take you from drawing to working prototype or finished part. We walk clients through materials selection, force analysis, design modifications and more while offering related efficiency improving services like process improvement. If you need machine design help or engineering work, please get in touch with us to discuss your project and the mechanical labor involved.