5 Signs It’s Time for Industrial Machine Repair

Industrial Machine Repair

Downtime costs money, and the more important the machine, the more important it is to keep it running smoothly. Avoiding the need for machine repair is sometimes a matter of knowing what’s normal and what isn’t. These variations indicate that a big problem could be developing. Here are five signs you might need to hire an industrial machine repair service very soon:

1 – Excessive Vibration

Almost any machine with moving parts will produce some vibration when it operates. The key is to know what level of vibration is normal. Internal belts, chains, or reciprocating parts may cause different amounts of vibration at rest versus in operation. When you have this baseline knowledge, you can easily detect a worrisome variation and contact a representative at our machine shop in Lebanon, TN.

2 – Leaks of Any Kind

This is a good general warning sign for any machine that handles fluids or uses liquids for cooling and lubrication. In other words, any kind of leak indicates the potential for a serious problem. You don’t have to see a leak to detect it. The smell of hot oil or grease may indicate a problem before you have time to notice oil stains on the floor or an unusual drip.

3 – Loss of Productivity

If a machine’s productivity decreases, you might want to call an expert machine company like Hamilton Machine. As with sound and vibration, knowing what productivity level is normal will make it easier to know when something isn’t right.

4 – Warning Lights

Many large and expensive machines come with warning lights or LED indicators that can indicate a developing problem. Computer-controlled equipment might signal warnings on an LED screen. Don’t ignore signs of excessive wear, energy use, or heating. These issues should not be taken lightly.

5 – Things that Don’t Sound Right

Sometimes a machine starts to sound “off” before a key part fails. A change in pitch or volume or a new and unfamiliar sound all can point to a big problem emerging. Shut off the machine and check it before a big repair problem has time to emerge.

Count on Hamilton Machine for Industrial Machine Repair

If you need industrial machine repair, call Hamilton Machine Company. We are an experienced machine shop in Lebanon, TN, and Nashville. We help industrial clients maintain, repair, and install a wide range of equipment.

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