On-Site Services

On-Site Services for Emergency Maintenance

Don’t let damaged or malfunctioning machines stop you. If something needs to be welded, a rail or cage or toe guard, we offer mobile welding. Hamilton Machine Company offers a range of on-site services and repair services to industrial and commercial clients of all sizes because so many companies have equipment they cannot reasonably take to a mechanic or machine shop. We also offer emergency service seven days a week with our mobile welding trucks. We also do routine on-site maintenance or take care of some overdue maintenance work and minor repairs.

On site Machine Services

We Offer a Full Suite of On-Site Services

Our mobile crews can do a wide range of on-site work, including small jobs that you might not consider using a machine shop for. The on-site maintenance, repair, and fabrication work we perform includes:

  • Contract Maintenance
  • Machine Installation
  • Mobile Fabrication
  • Mobile Welding
  • Facility Repairs
  • Facility Modifications

You can count on our reliable and knowledgeable staff. Our welders are all certified by OSHA and MHSA, along with real-world experience on various welding and brazing tasks. We can handle aluminum and specialty metals as well as the usual steel alloys. If it can be welded or brazed, we can take work on it at your facility or worksite. 

We also do routine maintenance work on industrial and commercial equipment, like stamping, cutting, and CNC machine tools and vehicles. If the job calls for it we can definitely dispatch a mobile welding crew instead of one person with an arc welder. Our people can also do routine contract maintenance on your machines or construction equipment. 

Time is money for most of us, so Hamilton Machine offers around-the-clock emergency services to get your facility running right with minimal disruption. We have trucks with tools, generators, and welding equipment to take on emergency repairs. Of course, certified welders handle all of our welding and brazing jobs too. Even better, if you have a complex on-site fabrication or redesign job, our certified professional engineer can help.  

How to Determine If You Need On-Site Maintenance

If something runs slow, or a little too hot, or sticks and grinds, it may just be overdue for maintenance and/or cleaning. We can go out to your workshop or job site and take care of that. If you see warning lights, you might want to shut down that bulldozer or crane and call on us if the problem is in the hoses. Otherwise, any decline in performance, like the engine running hot or the hydraulics in a backhoe not working as smoothly will tell you an inspection and some maintenance work are in order. 

All industrial machines and construction equipment will have a recommended maintenance regimen for the following:

  • Stationary diesel engines, pumps
  • Machine tools like drill presses, stamping machines
  • Recycling equipment like shredders, bins, conveyors
  • Elevator cages and elevators
  • Backhoes, cranes, bulldozers, dump trucks, and similar construction machinery

The best way to know if a key piece of equipment needs maintenance is to set up a maintenance calendar. Any manufacturer or reseller would be able to provide recommended maintenance intervals for various systems in their machines or vehicles. If the time for scheduled maintenance has arrived, and this work takes specialized tools or training, call Hamilton Machine Company. 

Rely on Hamilton Machine for Quality, On-Site Services

We offer emergency, on-site services 24 hours a day, seven days a week for a wide range of commercial and industrial needs, including welding and brazing through repairing or even building things like safety cages and catwalks. Our mobile welding services allow us to handle a wide range of jobs. If you need mobile welding, on-site maintenance, or repair services for your building or equipment, please contact us.