7 Metal Fabrication Jobs That Improve Workplace Safety

Metal Fabrication

Good training and management can minimize the risk of serious accidents in the workplace but can never eliminate them. Sometimes you must make changes to the facility, either adding or modifying or expanding something, which may lead to a search for “metal fabrication shops near me” or something similar. Hiring a machine shop in Nashville or at least in the metro area is necessary for the simple reason that the work probably needs to be done on-site. Repair work may need to be done urgently, to get the business running again. Either way, there are plenty of good reasons to call on mobile welding and fabrication services from a machine shop in Lebanon or Nashville, if you are based in the area.

The 411 on Metal Fabrication for Factories and Warehouses

Metal fabrication is a process that involves cutting, shaping, and assembling metal to create various products. Here are some examples of metal fabrication work that a factory owner might need to improve workplace safety:

  1. Handrails and guardrails: Metal fabrication can be used to create handrails and guardrails that provide support and prevent falls in elevated areas like staircases, balconies, and platforms.
  2. Safety gates and fences: Fabricated metal gates and fences can be used to restrict access to hazardous areas, such as machinery, chemical storage areas, and construction sites. Metal bollards might also prove useful in protecting large equipment.
  3. Fire doors and smoke vents: Metal fabrication can be used to create fire-resistant doors and smoke vents that help prevent the spread of fire and smoke in the event of a fire.
  4. Safety cages and enclosures: Custom metal cages and enclosures can be designed and fabricated to protect workers from dangerous machinery or equipment.
  5. Structural steel supports: Metal fabrication can be used to create custom structural steel supports that provide stability and prevent collapses in buildings, bridges, and other structures.
  6. Equipment guards and covers: Fabricated metal guards and covers can be used to protect workers from moving parts and hot surfaces on equipment like conveyors, presses, and ovens.
  7. Workbenches and tool storage: Custom metal workbenches and tool storage cabinets can be designed and fabricated to improve organization and reduce clutter in the workplace, improving safety and efficiency.

These are just a few examples of the many ways that metal fabrication can be used to improve workplace safety in a factory setting. While this article focuses on workplace safety, it is important to understand that some of these projects add value in other ways. For example, good workers may leave if they feel the working conditions are unsafe or needlessly difficult. A single avoidable accident can easily eat up the money saved by not having a professionally made safety enclosure or equipment guard.

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That list was focused on factories and machine shops. Metal fabrication services can be used by a retail store to make the business safer too. Here are some examples:

  • Security Gates: A retail store can use metal fabrication services to create security gates for the front entrance or for specific areas of the store. Security gates can help prevent theft and provide an extra layer of security for the store.
  • Bollards: Bollards are vertical posts made of metal that can be used to protect storefronts, pedestrian walkways, and parking areas from vehicle collisions. Bollards can be fabricated to match the aesthetic of the store while providing an extra layer of protection.
  • Safety Barriers: Retail stores can use metal fabrication services to create safety barriers to prevent customers from entering hazardous areas or to block off areas during maintenance or construction. These barriers can help prevent accidents and keep customers safe.
  • Custom Shelving: Custom metal shelving can be fabricated to provide additional storage space for products and can be designed to fit the specific needs of the store. This can help reduce clutter and make the store safer for employees and customers.
  • Handrails: Metal fabrication services can be used to create handrails for stairs and ramps to ensure that customers and employees have a safe grip while navigating the store.

Overall, metal fabrication services near me can provide retail stores with custom solutions to improve safety and security, enhance the appearance of the store, and create a better shopping experience for customers.

Some jobs are urgent, so be aware that many fabrication shops offer 24/7 emergency service and mobile welding by certified welders. When existing railings, gates, cages, or structural supports are damaged and broken, you might need immediate help from a certified welder. Find a good welding and fabrication shop before you really need one.

Metal Fabricators Can Contribute to Workplace Safety in Many Ways

When you have an emergency repair or just need to make a safety improvement, looking for a “machine shop near me” is often a necessary step. A good machine shop in Nashville can handle everything from guard rail repair to bollard installation, and custom metal cages to protect electrical equipment. Many of the structural changes you want, or need will require expert onsite services, and welding services. If you need a machine shop in Lebanon, TN or in Nashville, contact the pros at Hamilton Machine.