Most Popular Welding, Fabrication & Machine Repair Services We Provide

Welding, Fabrication & Machine Repair Services

When your business needs welding, fabrication, or repair work, look for a business in the area that has relevant experience and certified welders doing the work. A diverse set of service offerings is also important to many businesses, because having a single go-to provider of welding, repair, and custom part manufacturing makes life easier. Even better, is a machine shop that can send certified welders with equipment to your business or job site to make or repair something. Therefore, you ask yourself if there are metal fabrication shops near me. Manufacturing and construction firms have many opportunities to use welding services, fabrication services, and construction equipment repair.

Welding Services

With so much growth in the Nashville metro area, demand for welding services has been high. Companies don’t always see a good business case for having their own certified welders on the payroll, so they turn to companies like Hamilton to take care of steel, alloy, and aluminum welding jobs, whether that involves simply joining two steel parts or fabricating a complex structure like a catwalk with rails and stairs. Not every machine shop will have the tools and trained people for some of the jobs.

Some of those jobs have an added level of complexity because the job doesn’t use iron or steel. Do not assume that every welding shop has experience working with aluminum parts or with brazing (joining) different metals. Know when your job requires specialized welding experience and look for a company with certified welders experienced in, for example, joining brass and steel. That is one of several unusual combinations that might be relevant. Joining brass and steel is difficult and potentially dangerous; a beginner should never try it.

For quality control and safety, only certified welders should weld parts for a business. In fabricating structures like control boxes, safety cages, and metal stairways, you generally need professional and experienced fabricators who can come to your location if needed.

If you need an aluminum welding shop near you, go with a company with experience with that metal. If you need something made and assembled, like railings and catwalks, you need to ask search “metal fabrication shops near me.”

Fabrication Work

Fabrication is also a popular service, though this category is a broad one – it could include anything from making a suspension part for a tractor to building a custom equipment cage in our Nashville shop, transporting the parts to the customer’s location, and assembling it.

Accidents happen and wear and tear affect everything. A metal stairway or equipment cage might need some patching up. A particular area might need protection from steel bollards, but you only realize this with experience. It might be easy to find metal fabrication shops near me. However, one cannot assume they have a wide range of capabilities.

As business needs change, you expand, or a focus on a new product, the factory floor might need upgrades or modifications. Here is where companies contract out new equipment cages, railings, bollards, and control panels which we can build around your new electrical wires and switches. In fact, these jobs often combine welding and fabrication/assembly. The same thing holds when a piece of construction equipment needs to be modified or repaired.

Construction Equipment Repair

Having a key piece of construction machinery go down is never good. If the problem lies in the engine or transmission, then you need a qualified mechanic to come in and fix things. Other situations call for a certified welder to come in and work on the machine. Examples of repair work include:

  • Bucket arm repairs
  • Pins, shafts, and bushings fixed
  • Structural welding
  • Seals and other hydraulic parts made or repaired
  • Flywheels and brake rotors fixed
  • Forklift bars and safety cages repaired
  • Forks straightened
  • Other repair jobs that require welding or machining work

Basically, if it needs welding or hydraulic repair work, Hamilton Machine has probably handled it. This includes on-site maintenance of construction machinery.

What about modifying a piece of equipment? While you may know there are fabrication shops near me, you want to verify that a specific shop has experience with the job at hand. Having two facilities and a variety of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) tools available, in addition to certified welders, Hamilton Machine is equipped to handle a custom design or modification job from small to large.

Welding and Fabrication Services Near You

Business owners need expert welding and repair services or fabrication shops near me at some point. It makes sense to call on certified welders and a machine shop with a long record of accomplishment. Depending on your business, knowing where to find mobile welding can also be critical. An important machine or piece of construction equipment cannot be allowed to stay out of service for long, so knowing a company with mobile welding and 24-7 emergency services can also be important. If you were trying to find metal fabrication shops near me, contact Hamilton Machine to get a quote on your job.