Do You Need Specialty Welding Services? Hamilton Machine’s Got You Covered

mobile welding

Many welding jobs require more than the standard TIG or MIG experience and equipment that most any fabrication shop could offer. When a job is complicated or involves working on unusual alloys and exotic metals, you want to call in specialists. Not every welder has the training and gear to handle nickel alloys, titanium, or aluminum. Complex work on-site on pipes, furnaces, heat exchangers, furnaces, and more calls for specialized training and experience too. Furthermore, not every company that does fabrication work can provide a wide range of services, including repair and engineering. A company that offers the full range of welding, repair, and fabrication, plus mobile welding can become an important business partner to anyone wondering “Are there good, comprehensive welding services near me?”   

Beyond Simple Welding Jobs 

Many businesses in the area have needed a company that does welding in Lebanon, TN. Those needs often go beyond joining two pieces of sheet metal. Those jobs often involve specialized materials or complex on-site work done under a variety of conditions or on mixed metals and alloys. We work on: 

  • Sheet metal 
  • Tubing and pipes 
  • Boilers 
  • Heat exchangers,  
  • Cages, furnaces, boxes, 
  • and more 

Many jobs require metals and alloys that not every welder can work on. To the outsider, it may look like welders do pretty much the same thing regardless of the metals being worked. This is not true; different materials require different tools and techniques. Complex welds that include various shapes, thicknesses or metal, and alloys call for a wealth of experience and the right welding tools.  

Welds are better than rivets in many instances. Sometimes riveting is necessary but, often, things that can be riveted together can also be welded. Welded joints are permanent and, generally, are stronger too. A weld is better than a series of rivets, in most cases, but the greater strength is probably the main reason to engage specialized welders versus using rivets to join two pieces of metal.  

Business owners in Nashville or the suburbs looking up “welding services near me” will find Hamilton Machine ready to take care of their specialty welding needs. Whatever materials need welding or brazing, there are specialists available in the greater Nashville area.  

Metals and Alloys 

Not every job involves common steel alloys or iron. Many industrial and commercial parts use aluminum, stainless steel, nickel alloys, and others. In rare cases, you may need to work with titanium or a range of trademarked steel alloys. Our welders have experience and professional certifications. We can work on: 

  • Aluminum and common alloys 
  • Stainless steel 
  • A variety of steel alloys including Monel™, Inconel™, and Safurex(r)   
  • Titanium or titanium-steel 
  • Nickel alloys 

In addition to welding metal or alloys together we can also braze materials. Thanks to our mobile welding services, customers can rely on us to come on-site and do whatever fabrication work is needed. Extensive experience and training in fabrication, fabricating, and joining are vital for mission-critical parts and fabrication work.  

Experience Counts 

Hamilton Machine has welders with extensive experience working in our fabrication shops and the field. So, if you are wondering if there are specialty welding services near me and your business is in the greater Nashville area, Hamilton Machine is an option. Our mobile welding trucks have portable generators and tools, so one of our certified welders can take on a specialized welding or fabrication task at your business or construction site. Our welders all have years of experience with design, fabrication, repair, and/or maintenance. This wealth and depth of experience can be valuable in many ways.  

Why Choose Hamilton Machine? 

Most businesses that need the service of a good welder also need other fabrication services sometimes. In fact, our services can help you go from designing something to consulting with an engineer as well as having a piece machined here or a structure fabricated at your facility. This is why getting to know Hamilton Machine can be useful. Our other services include: 

  • Hydraulic system repair 
  • Engineering 
  • Machining 
  • Facility maintenance 
  • Industrial truck repair  
  • Emergency service (24 hours a day) 
  • On-site fabrication, brazing, welding, and repair 

We can machine ceramic or metal on our CNC tools. Our team also has diverse experience in hydraulic systems, including repair work, and maintaining industrial facilities. Hamilton Machine has been in the welding and fabrication business for over 60 years. We mentioned certification before – Hamilton welders are OSHA and MSHA trained. 

Specialized Tasks Need Specialized Welders  

Sometimes business owners need welders with specialized equipment and knowledge and mobile welding. These services come into play whenever a company needs welding of specialized alloys, aluminum, or titanium. This diversity in experience, plus support for fabrication and design, is what makes Hamilton Machine a great business partner. The experts at Hamilton Machine can help anyone asking if there are good, specialized welding services near me in Lebanon TN or Nashville. Contact us to discuss your fabrication or welding needs.